Ship energy conservation projects

There are sound economic and environmental reasons for demand control of HVAC. Making sure we use the energy only where it is really needed is the basis for this. As an example a large restaurant is often kept over-ventilated during its off-hours, just to make sure it’s not becoming too hot when suddenly used. Tremendous amounts of energy can be saved by just tuning the automation system to respond quickly enough to the sudden increase in load, and trusting that, we can keep the ventilation at a minimum during off-hours. Clever software algorithms encapsulate this functionality, and a simple interface is shown to the user. A typical project contains the following:

  • Onboard survey
  • Suggestion of modification and time planning
  • Hardware design, modification of drawings
  • Software design
  • Installation of Frequency Converters and other necessary products
  • Dismantling of old – Installation of new control system components
  • Commissioning & handover
  • Scheduled follow-up visit
  • Training

We carry out this as a turn-key or as part delivery in accordance with requirements of each project. Most of our systems are actually commissioned during ships normal operation, so dry-dock time is not necessary.  


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CoDeSys OEM programming / Development

We specialize in CoDeSys development for a number of OEM customers. Currently we are developing using ABB AC500 and WAGO PLCs. We can help you with programming, testing and documentation of your machine or process. We can also provide fixed VPN connection to your site or machine using Ethernet, 3G or GSM for remote access.


ABB AC31 PLC repair

Don’t throw them away! It’s better to refurbish your 07KT51, 07KR51 CPU:s and boards. We do this at a fixed price per item. They will be good as new for a fraction of the cost.









Consultancy services

We can help you develop your embedded product. Our experience includes PCB design, software, testing and documentation.
HVAC related product development is extra welcome.