..provides complete HVAC automation plants and refurbishments of existing systems to the cruise, ferry, shipping and offshore industries.
We take on electrical design, programming, project management, commissioning and service.
We also deliver all material that makes up an automation plant, whether it’s a refurbishment or a new build.
With our system the plant will benefit from lower power consumption, improved supervision and a demand controlled inside climate.
We pride ourselves in having an in-house knowledge of HVAC control and the marine HVAC practices and regulations.
Together we hold 100+ years of relevant experience. CATC also provide automation solutions for manufacturers of machines and processes
in several different industries. We are fluent in CoDeSys PLCs and Wonderware and Intellution SCADA systems.
CATC is located in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden.

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CATC is all about reducing power consumption onboard ships.
We believe that, with our extensive experience in marine automation we can lower the power consumption onboard any vessel without sacrificing passenger and crew comfort.
All above contributing to a cut in fuel costs and reduced emissions.


A constantly ongoing development is the key to the success of any technology-oriented company. A tight relation to our customers is helping us to identify new saving potential in various areas onboard. Our core competence lies within HVAC controls but any automation intensive system is subject to our interest. Examples of projects finalized: HVAC control system, engine room ventilation control, SW/LT pump control, fuel and power monitoring, BNWAS system, SCR controls…. (The list is growing.) Our solutions apply to new builds and retrofits.


We have chosen the name “ViewPort” for our control system solution. We strongly believe that a system with high complexity needs a simple interface to be used onboard a ship. Today’s ship management requires more and more crew rotation and each individual handling the system must be able to quickly grasp and use the system without additional training. We believe that ViewPort fulfill these requirements. Products used in our projects are mainly of marine type, long life cycle and well proven in the marine environment.