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Project description

This project was carried out during ship’s normal operation.

The entire ship HVAC control system was replaced with a state of the art decentralized PLC control system. Frequency drives and plenty of new sensors and actuators were installed in order to achieve demand control for the onboard climate. In total about. 4000 hardware I/O were connected, programmed and individually tested. Old frequency drives were equipped with communication cards and included in the system. A calendar based time-scheduler was installed for controlling the occupancy hours of each area in the ship. A new fiber-optic ring redundant network was installed to connect all the new equipment to the central ViewPort computer. An automatic status reporting software was installed for the purpose of tracking the performance of the air-handling units for Pressure and temperature levels.


Material content

  • 60 pcs PLC
  • approx. 475 pcs of I/o extension modules
  • 27 pcs frequency drives
  • 8 network cabinets
  • 7 pcs 3-way valves for chilled water